Wednesday, March 22, 2006


".......goes to eleven!"
The next person who uses the Spinal Tap quote gets my foot up their ass. I'm serious. I'm am SOO fucking sick and tired of hearing this. What's worse, is when the douchebag says it then looks around with that stupid arrogant grin searching for both laughs and praise as if he/she was the first person ever to use that quote to describe something. Don't get me wrong here. I love the quote and the demented minds of Spinal Tap are geniuses. ".....goes to eleven" has actually been in our own vocabulary since the early 80s. I'd still break it out every once in awhile in the 90s, but usually to blank stares from people who either forgot about Spinal Tap, or had never seen it. But, those who DID get it enjoyed it because it was an obscure reference. Now I'm sounding like I invented it. No, I'd laugh when others did it, too. But my point is those moments were few and far between, often years in between. It was a fun, "inside joke" to an obsure movie from 1984. But somewhere in the late 90s/early Tweens, Spinal Tap had a resurgence in American culture. Hey, cool. The more Tap fans out there the better. Unfortunately I hear "....goes to eleven", on average, 4 times a week. 4 TIMES A FUCKING WEEK!!! And each time is followed by that moment of "pat me on the back for being so ingeniously funny! I just came up with that!" When newscasters, politicians and grandmas are using it, its past time to retire it, ya know? So let's all join hands and whenever we hear someone describe something as "going to eleven", kindly push your shoe up their anus, preferably with abundant physical force. Not just a normal ass kicking, mind you.....take it to eleven.


Dr. Lazarus said...

you know, i never noticed how much people use that phrase until you posted about it. but you are right, people do use it often nowadays. odd.

spaceJASE said...

Just tell them: "11 is last week."

No, just say: "Only eleven? Eleven's for has-beens. Or chodes."

Me, I say: "Mine goes to thirteen."

Then I say - "You WISH yours went to 11."

Alicia says: "It slightly tends to understate the hugeness of the object."