Thursday, March 30, 2006


YES!!! Clive Barker is finally returning to the Horror genre and writing a sequel to his novella "The Hellbound Heart", entitled "The Scarlet Gospels." The Hellbound Heart was the book which the film HELLRAISER was based upon. Barker says this sequel, set to be 3,000 pages, will be the demise of Pinhead. The premise brings Pinhead together with Harry D'Amour, the detective character from Barker's Lord Of Illusions.

"I decided to set these two characters versus one another and make a Dante-esque descent into Hell," Barker said. "How can I bring him [Pinhead] to his final act without first taking him, taking my readers through what that system is - in other words, taking them down to Hell and showing them what the Order of the Cenobites are and where he belongs in them and what the consequences of rebellion on his part might be, and so on and so forth... I need to create for Hell the kind of scheme of power and domination and hierarchy, the kind of Byzantine goings-on which I think people find have such fun, have such fun with elsewhere in my fiction."

He also elluded that the "Hellraiser World" from Hellraiser III and on really aren't his vision, and like I've always felt, discard them. They truly are atrocious. Man, I can't wait!!! There is no other who writes like Barker, especially his horror. Hellbound Heart was refreshingly unique and the first 2 Hellraiser movies are fucking awesome. If you haven't seen them, I suggest renting HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II. All you really need from the first one is recapped in the beginning. The Hellraiser World and characters (CENOBITES!!!) are genius. More here.

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Lisa said...

3,000 pages - you could kill someone with a book that size!