Friday, March 24, 2006


YESTERDAY I posted asking all of you to buy me a PSP so I could then watch ALIEN on it. Well today, T-Rex called (she's visiting Papa Rex) and informed me that YESTERDAY he bought her a PSP!!! Hell yeah!! Oh, thank you GODDESS ALIEN QUEEN!! I knew my many prayers and loyal worshipping of you these past 20 yrs was not in vain. Oh, the naysayers, non-believers and heathens scoffed and ridiculed me. But who's laughing now? Huh? Where's your God and your PSP, infidels, huh?!!! Oh, off topic a bit there. Anyway, how crazy and cool is that?! I shall soon be watching ALIEN on a sweet PSP soon (no thanks to you JimSmash readers, no less. Thanks for nothing, btw). "But Jim, don't you have ALIEN on Beta, Vhs, laser disc and dvd?" Um, yes, but not on the PSP.


JSV said...

Never seen Alien! Always into someone who is so into something.

Jim said...

I highly suggest you go rent ALIEN and ALIENS immediately. Don't make me come over there, man!! :)

Lisa said...

The question is... will T-Rex let you use her PSP. You didn't say her dad bought it for you, he bought it for her.