Wednesday, March 22, 2006


* The Simpsons movie is apparently in production and has been "for awhile." Harry Shearer has said they are already recording dialogue for it. Huh? How did this fly under the radar?

* Gary Oldman has signed on for Harry Potter 5, reprising his role as Sirius Black! It was reported earlier that he (actor wise atleast) had been cut from the film. Nice. However, I don't think his character or his character's impact to the story thus far in the movies has been established well enough for his role in the 5th outing to have any real meaning. Think they dropped the ball on that one, unfortunately. READ THE BOOKS!!!!

* In addition to the X3 flop, FOX is going to make a WOLVERINE movie starring Hugh Jackman and most likely directed by Brett Ratner (X3, Rush Hour 1&2). Oh, and its going to be a PREQUEL, so they'll have fun throwing in new crap to his history to further ruin the character that at one point in time (70s/80s) was one of the coolest characters of comics. Don't get me wrong, Jackman did a commendable job as Wolverine. But I don't trust Hollywood enough to NOT add some lame shit to his history, which is already being crapped on a bit in the comics.

* Rumors are still flying around that the Wachowski Brothers (Matrix) are being pursued to direct KING CONAN. Schwarzenegger would reprise the role if he doesn't win the next CA governor election. Other rumors are the Wachowski Bros would PRODUCE it and bring back John Milius to direct it, which would be sweet as he directed the FIRST Conan movie. Of course, OTHER rumors are the Wachowskis clashed with Milius and he's no longer in the picture at all. So who the fuck knows what's really going on with this?

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Dr. Lazarus said...

I want to see a movie with all 4 of those characters in it together!