Tuesday, October 09, 2018


This looks pretty cool.

If you're a little confused about this sequel
'HALLOWEEN (2018)' is a direct sequel to John Carpenter's classic 1978 movie of the same name. So 'Halloween' is a sequel to 'Halloween', got it.

The sequel wipes away all remakes and previous sequels (featuring Michael Myers); 'Halloween II', 'Halloween IV', 'Halloween V''Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers', and 'Halloween: Resurrection'.

It also wipes away 1998's 'Halloween H20' which wiped away all sequels after Part 2 and was about Michael Myers returning to terrorize Jamie Lee Curtis 20 year later. This new sequel wipes away all previous sequels and is about Michael Myers returning to terrorize Jamie Lee Curtis 40 years later ("Halloween H40"??)


   'Halloween' - set in 1978
   'Halloween II' - picks up immediately after the first movie
   'Halloween IV' - 10 years after Part 2
   'Halloween V' - picks up immediately after Part 4
   'Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers' - 6 years after Part 5
   'Halloween: H20' - wipes away sequels after Pt 2, set 20 yrs after P 1
   'Halloween: Resurrection' - 3 years after 'H20' and retcons H20's ending
   'Halloween' (2018)- wipes away all sequels, set 40 years after Part 1

   'Halloween' (2007) - remains in Remake Land
   'Halloween II' (2009) - remains in Remake Land

1978 trailer:


tismey said...

I *think* Halloween 2 is still canon in H20 - at least, Michael is still Laurie’s sister in that continuity, I’m pretty sure.

Timewaster said...

Halloween 2 was still cannon in H20 - lots of references to that movie.

Also, the new Fangoria has a great article called "The Discarded Continuity of the Halloween Franchise".

Jim said...

Whoops, my mistake! Post updated. Thanks for the catch!