Sunday, August 06, 2017


While briefly in Kansas a few weeks back, I swung into an antique/flea market store. Here are some fun things I saw, but did not buy:

 I bought this Two-Face figure, in decent shape on-card...

 ...and discovered it beat to shit in my suitcase when I got home. Trashcan food.

 And I'm kicking myself for not buy this Conan toy, which was only $15. I regretted it about a mile down the road, on the way to dinner. After dinner, I made a B-Line back to the store.... got delayed by a train crossing, and then when I arrived, the store had closed ONE-FUCKING-MINUTE-EARLIER!!!! My flight back to LA was the next morning.

Not pictured
I bought some dollar comics:
mainly 'Weird Encounters' and 'Weird Worlds'
 and Epic Illustrated #1 (Barry Windsor-Smith!).


Matthew said...

Did you notice that the plate was marked as a 'Star Wars' item?

Jim said...

I did, but only days later while looking at the photo! LOL