Friday, July 14, 2017


(I had this)


Jeyl said...

Toy companies had a strange fascination with imprisoning your figures. There was the Slime Pit as you mentioned, and than there was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Flushomatic" playset. This comes from part of the description.

"Working in his secret lava-tory, Shredder retrofit a portable public john with parts from a nuclear power plant, inventing the ultimate Turtle torture device - the Flushomatic!"

And the box art is even more insane. As Leonardo is being slimed, you see a shirtless Shredder visibly relishing every moment. And Ralph?.... I'm not going there.

BartWilkus said...

I was never a He-Man fan, even when I was a kid. I never liked the figures and I hated the cartoon (I thought it was cheesy, which in hindsight is funny because I was a die-hard GIJoe and Transformers fan as a kid, and those cartoons were pretty cheesy too). However, I always liked the Trapjaw figure (the only one I had) and I always thought the Slime Pit was the coolest He-Man playset they ever made.