Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Hey, JimSmash Friends! I'm looking for these 2 Star Wars HARDCOVER novels: "TARKIN" and "A NEW DAWN".

I was planning on buying them this past Christmas, but when the time came to purchase, the hardcover online pricing went from $20 to well over $100+(which will never sell at that price). I have a pretty good idea as to why, but its still frustrating and annoying as fuck.

So I thought I ask you dear fine folks if you either have a copy you'd like to sell to your ole pal Jim (for a reasonable price)... or if you happen to have seen a copy at your local new-and-used bookstores.

I'm looking for the HARDCOVER editions, including DUST JACKET.

They would go to a good home and not be resold. Jimmy just wantie.

I realize it's a long shot, but some of you awesome folk have come through in the past... 

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