Saturday, March 19, 2016


So for a few weeks I'd see the above poster at a bus stop. But it's location was right before a bend with heavy, scary traffic so I could only get an extremely brief glance, and usually at night. 

Because I wasn't able to properly study it, I thought it was a poster of 'BvS' (Batman vs Superman) showing an intimate moment between Lois and Superman, largely due to the earlier released one-sheets like so:

Like I said, I was only able to get brief glances and did not get a good look at the actors, nor did I notice the guns at the bottom.

So you can imagine my surprise weeks later when I saw this large billboard:

"WTF? sigh, fucking Zack Snyder...."

It wasn't until a day or so later, upon seeing another billboard around town, did I realize it was for Season 4 of 'The Americans'. 


I think its funny that a movie showcasing gun-toting Superman and Lois doesn't seem implausible with Zack Snyder involved.

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