Friday, January 19, 2007


Ah, man! The comic MANHUNTER is being cancelled!!!

*Note: It has been since saved!

What bums me out the most (besides a great comic being cancelled) is that my good friend DYLAN was actually a character in the book! That's right, the character "DYLAN BATTLES" is based off of a real guy by the same name and even looks just like him! Writer Marc Andreyko met Dylan one day and when he found out his name, he asked if he could use it in an upcoming comic.... then asked if he could just make the character look like him, too! So every month, for the past 2-plus years, I've totally geeked out at seeing Dylan in a comic book!

His character's backstory was that he used to be a 'tech guy' in the criminal world who was highly sought for his expertise with gadgets and gizmos and would work for various Supervillains; Like Two-Face, Queen Bee, Kobra, Killer Frost, and Black Manta.. He gets busted, and being tired of always getting his ass kicked by Superheroes (and their sidekicks!), cuts a deal with the Feds and begins a new life in the Witness Relocation Program. Flash forward and new hero MANHUNTER (the fed prosecutor who busted him years before, now a new vigilante hero) recognizes him one day and recruits (blackmails) Dylan back into the game, this time on the side of Angels. But don't think he's doing it to be one of the good guys. No, its more like he just hates living the Suburbia lifestyle and misses the excitement of his old job. So Dylan then begins to create all kinds of cool techy gadgets and weapons for her.

PIC: Page 1 from Manhunter #4, Dylan Battle's debut. Here he is shown at 3 moments in time, working for 3 different Super Villains.
PIC: DYLAN, working for Black Manta (Aquaman villain) getting stomach punched by a Dolphin! I think this was probably the last straw for the character. I mean, getting beat up by a Dolphin?!PIC: Cover to MANHUNTER #10, where Dylan graced the cover as "DYLAN! THE TECH WONDER!" Awesome cover that homages a classic Batman & Robin cover.
Totally blows the title is getting cancelled. I've been trying to put the idea out to have the book finish with Dylan packing up his things and heading to GOTHAM to see if he can find work - so that maybe another writer down the road could use that to bring Dylan into the Batcave!!!

Come on, Andreyko!!
Do it for Dylan!!!

Pick up your backissues today at your local comic shop!

Some more pics of DYLAN BATTLES!


Anonymous said...

man, i totally rock sometimes. but i don't have to tell you guys that, right?

Anonymous said...

This Dylan's story is for real?

Jim said...

Indeed it is, german!

dylan said...

Ok, now that I've throughly scoped out this link, making sure absolutely no one comes to it, I feel comfortable enough to sporaticly lay down some words. BIDNESS NOTE: If you don't already know, DC's most current installment to the MANHUNTER franchise has once again been cancelled. However, she has risen again in the pages of STREETS OF GOTHAM. Kate Spencer is now Gotham Citys DA.
KICKASS NOTE: If you last recall, Dylan Battles, renowned tech genius and all around so-so guy, has returned to Gotham as well. What's he doing there you ask? Just between you and me? He kicks ass!!
FUN FACT: Look for the death of Nate Carle in an up coming issue. Nate's an up-n-coming entreprenuer co-worker of mine and an Anal-Face. HA! Got you, you bastard!
I'm Out! Thx!

Dylan said...


Hello again nobody! Thought I'd dump a little MANHUNTER NEWS on ya all today. Got a sneak peek at issue 3 (or 4, not really sure), where yours truly finally makes it on to the printed scene. Looks like Dylan B. is hanging out with the "old crowd" again (shot of Two-Face in there) and word is he'll be taking on a "Donnie Brasco" for Kate in the near future,
That's all for now.

ps--commenting spooks the talent.

Mattman said...

This story is true. Dylan Battles is a real person. I worked with him, many moons ago. Once upon a time, many hours were wasted (as were we) in endless Hero-Clix games. Alas since becoming famous Dylan has forgotten we, the little people, and hence touch has been lost. Due to his agoraphobic tendencies and fear of the outside world he doesn't even have a Facebook account. Thus I had to Google his name after reading the latest issue of BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM (#5 - in stores this Wednesday!) Now I have found you Dylan. HAHAHAHA!! Vengeance is mine!! You thought you had found your own little lonely corner of the internet to play in BUT NO! - there is no place you can hide, FROM MATT-MAN!!!!

Dylan said...

ah crude...