Tuesday, January 19, 2010


From the upcoming Rodriguez-produced "PREDATORS" movie.

I used to love the Predator. But after seeing the disappointing Predator 2, AVP, AVP-R, numerous images of the Predator shitting on the Alien, and countless lame cosplay fans (the same ones that have tarnished the Klingon) I have very little interest in anything Predator. But I still love that first movie... and its still a great creature. I will probably rent this movie, unless word-on-the-street is extremely positive.

*thanks Dino & Chris!


Anonymous said...

Boy do they look lame. So much for Rodriguez attempt to stay true to the original.

nfpgasmask said...

I won't be expecting much from a director named "Nimrod".

jmayer said...

Rocky Horror Predator Show

why are they in high heels and fishnets again?

Dutch said...

The first predator was in "fishnets"