Thursday, January 28, 2010



Bat Guano said...

Sorry, Sue. The only thing that Reed notices anymore is SCIENCE!
And you know that's why you're practicing your tribadism.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious,'s obvious a lot of these exercises, are now obsolete, proven to be horrible form, and just plain ridiculous ('chin ups') in their claims.
Sooooooo class what did we learn?

- Your not as smart as you think you are. that what is considered 'cutting edge" or trendy now, might later turn out to be ridiculous BS, and total bunk that prays upon the ignorant,.. "de-toxing"...(you NEED that bacteria in your colon people), " FAT FREE",.." LOW CARB/CARB FREE",... Evil Transfats,....'ORGANIC',.....SUGAR FREE,.....( some are necessary for people with diabetes or or medical conditions, but should not be used as a means for a diet) and some of these ridiculous "new" exercises are total BS.
It's just simple, moderately, and get some type of moderate to extensive exercise/aerobic activity, and you'll stay in shape. It's not rocket science. There is no magic pill, You can't "target" fat areas, and starving yourself doesn't work.

- Thank You Marvel

Noah B. said...

Um these are from a marvel book decades back (1960s?). At the time these were the exercises thought to help get in shape. I commend Marvel back then to put out a book to promote exercise to children. What's wrong with that? Why are you shitting all over it, Anon? There was no mentioning of colon detox or fat free diets, etc in your rant. WTF? Off topic much? You said it youself that execise is good - that is exactly the intent of this old Marvel book. Get off your high horse and check into some anger management. Maybe YOU'RE not as smart or cool as you think you are. Jesus! Get a grip. It's a fun post about old Marvel exercising... No one attacked you.

Apologies to you Jim, for any ugliness brought to Jimsmash on my part.

Jim said...

I love the fact that Hulk is using light weight dumb bells. And the imagery of Namor helping Hulk do situps is hilarious!

"Anonymouse" said...

I'm "shitting" on it, bc these are HORRIBLE exercises. that's why. they are out dated, , do not work, or can cause problems due to the crappy form.
They might as well be doing Squat Thrusts from 1914, or be standing on a machine the " rubs away the fat".
I'm not "against" exercise,..just the opposite.I'm just pointing out the fact that at that like a lot of things, this book illustrates just how ignorant we are of our own "brilliance". what was once thought of as " genius", or "groundbreaking", was really a fad, and not that good for you.
If you exercise, do it right, with proper form, and diet properly, that's all...

Noah B. said...

Of course it's outdated, it's a 30-40 old book for Christ's sake! I assume Jim posted this for fun, nostalgic purposes. I just don't understand your hostility towards it, instead of simply smiling at it like everyone else. No where in those pictures did it come off that they thought they were "geniuses" or that they were "groundbreaking", nor did any of us think that we are smarter than we think we are (your words) That's all YOU'RE projections. I just don't understand how this post of old superherores doing old exercises would elicit such anger from someone to compel them to take the time to leave such an angry rant. It's flabergasting.