Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today I thought I'd post a few of the WORST Wolverine pics. Sure, there's oodles-upon-oodles of shitty Wolverine pics -the past 20 years have not been kind to the "Ol Canuck"- and there have been alot of crappy artists drawing him. So I'm going to focus more on his overall LOOK and ERAS, than just "a bad drawing".

These 4 represent the worst of the worst for me:

1) Crazy-Feral-Bandana-Wolverine, with ginormous, narled bone claws. (late 9os)

2) Crazy-Feral-No-Nose-Wolverine, with tattered 80s clothing and gloves. I think he also had "animal legs." (late 9os)

3) Joey-Whoa!-Grunge-Wolverine, sans sideburns but with lame pointy soul-patch and wrist bands. Please note the flanel shirt tied around his waist. (early Tweens; Ultimate version)

4) Jason-Vorhees-Wolverine, who's healing factor is now so incredibly insanely powerful, he can regenerate after having all his organic material obliterated leaving only his adamantium-laced skeleton. (2006)

Wolverine Week:
Tuesday: No-Mask/Out-of-Costume
Monday: In Costume



i love the "jason vorhees" wolverine (humberto ramos design).
he was very close to the original design: short, hairy and mad.

Jim said...

I'll give you that. Many of today's artist draw him 6'2" and good looking. But like you said, Ramos drew him how he's supposed to be: "short, hairy and mad" :)

I just don't like the beefed up healing factor to the point of absurdity. He was a freaking skeleton!!! So, when the older Logan in 'Days of Future Past' gets killed by the Sentinel (classic cover, issue and scene!!!) he just got up a few minutes later, fully healed?

I hate how they've made him completely indestructable. Why does he need the adamantium skeleton at this point?

Genevieve Lopez said...

...I haven't read enough of the comics to know anything of the Jason Vorhees Wolverine besides what I see in front of me... which is Wolverine and the Ghost Rider's love child. Whaa?

Wolverine with-a-goatee just needs to be slapped. There is no redemption for animal Wolverine.


animal wolverine is what happens when you take away the adamantioum.
the metal holds he's body from mutating into a full animal.
and adamantioum is cool.

the idea to blow him to skeleton was the writer, not ramos.

in an old punisher comic, wolverine gets stab in the chest, saying it will take hours before it would heal.
guess healing factor gets better with the age.


Jim said...

I don't think the adamantium keeps him from mutating into an animal... he wasn't an animal before the metal went in. From what I remember, he went animal-style after he rejected the metal Genesis was trying to put into him... some genetic tinkering added to him embracing his "animal side" or some shit. I think it was in Wolverine #100(?).

Yeah, I blame the writer on the Vorhees Wolverine. IN COSTUME, I dug Ramo's wolverine.

And yes, Adamantium is very cool.



it was goggenhim who wrot ramos wolverine in "wolverine: civil war".
a great story, but it was very distorbing to see wolverine SHARPING HE'S ADAMANTIOUM CLAWS.
which brings to question:
WHY would you want to sharp adamantioum,
and WHAT will you use to do so?!?!

Genevieve Lopez said...

@ Space Cadet Mulon: After I read that first sentence, I got a mental image of the adamantium being stripped from Wolverine's skeleton and his face just collapsing. As if his bones had deteriorated and begun to depend on the metal shell encasing them, and his healing factor hadn't quite caught up-- it would explain having weird legs. (Musta been in his younger days.)

Bandanaface "Fingergloves" Wolverine is kind of part of the reason I never got into comics as a kid. I would look at comics available (at the time) in the stores, and just decide to stick with cartoons/anime/movies. I really hate the aesthetic.


Frank Gillespie said...

“I don't think the adamantium keeps him from mutating into an animal... he wasn't an animal before the metal went in. From what I remember, he went animal-style after he rejected the metal Genesis was trying to put into him...”

Jim, SPACE CADET MULON is remembering things rightly. Right after Wolverine lost the adamantium, his mutating into more of a mute beast was explained by saying it was addition of the metal, which his healing factor had to constantly battle (think heavy metal poisoning), that slowed his eventual transformation to the way he was being drawn at the time. I believe it was Xavier that said this in the late eighties of the run of the day.

Jim said...


I vaguely remember something like that... but I thought it also had to do with Genesis mucking with him while putting the Adamantium back in.

It doesn't explain why he wasn't all animal-like prior to Weapon X... at that point, his mutant powers had been in swing for decades. I mean, if he had never received the adamantium treatment, he would have become Wolf-Boy?

And once he got the adamantium back, he REVERTED back into "normal man".

Makes no sense.

It smells of bad writing, to me.

Jim said...

ok, time to dig into my Wolverine section of my collection tonight. :)

dr. lazarus said...

some explains it on Wikipedia this way:

After his return to the X-Men, Cable's son Genesis kidnaps Wolverine and attempts to re-bond adamantium to his skeleton.[20] This is unsuccessful and causes Wolverine's mutation to accelerate out of control. He is temporarily changed into a semi-sentient beast-like form in which he gains greater physical power than ever before, at the price of part of his humanity. Eventually, the villain Apocalypse captures Wolverine, brainwashes him into becoming the Horseman Death, and successfully re-bonds adamantium to his skeleton. Wolverine overcomes Apocalypse's programming and returns to the X-Men.

Anonymous said...

Frank, Dr. Lazuras,..that is why todays writers (and those pin particular )suck. I KNOW it has written explanation, but that doesn't mean the idea isn't absurd and just flat out stupid. And for that matter, I wish people would stop using individual comics, and every whim of a writer as "examples",..instead of discerning btw a good well thought out story and a writer who doesn't know what the F they are doing, and everything in there should just be ignored. Example,..If everything in every comic has to be taken as 'fact" and "lore" ,..then Aunt May is a herald of Galactus, Black Cat can kick Sabertooth's ass, and Spider Man can knock out fire Lord in a fist fight ( they all happened in regularly monthly comics)...if you want more,..I can bring 'm....



ANON, I want to know where may becomes hereld of the big G!!!

but seriously,
i think its cool how after all this years they decided to changed wolverine and take him to the extreme by pulling out his adamantioum and turning him into a beast.
its a bold move to loose almost every single brand mark of the charater.

in the end of things,
there is no bad idea. its all depends on what you do with it.
I mean, a guy who falls into ACID and turns into a crazy clown killer chased by a man dressed as bat? BUT, can anyone say "batman: the killing joke" is crap?
I'm also told that the thing happend to the captain america series was that he died.

Frank Gillespie said...

hey, I'm not saying that the writing was any good! I didn't like it either.

The set up was several issues before the Genesis/adamantium story

Jim said...

The IDEAS are there, just not thought out enough. Plus, the overall execution was terrible.