Thursday, April 30, 2009


You know why this new Gentle Giant SCOUT TROOPER is super-awesome? Because the exclusive version sports a 'trooper rifle, slung over his back. That's fucking why. Duh.

UPDATED: Rundown of Rifles:


Red Jimsmash said...

Oh, you mean the scout rifles that were only featured in the Star Wars prequels? Yeah, that's pretty fucking awesome. NOT.

(totally kidding)

Jim said...

no, not really.

If anything, its from Star Wars Battle Front - the Scout Trooper's SNIPER RIFLE, which is an altered standard Storm Trooper's rifle (seen on racks on the Death Star in the Original Trilogy).

Post update with pics.
and/or go to this link for pics of the Battle Front Scout Trooper with his new Sniper Rifle

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cool figure !! For me this is more what the Clone Troopers armour should have been like, a lot lighter than what they had !!!

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Awesome figures, I love the whole saga, and also the models and figures from the movie. My favorite is the model I have from the Death Star.