Saturday, April 25, 2009


ROBERT RODRIGUEZ is going to remake/reboot/re-envision/rehash PREDATOR and its going to be called "PREDATORS".

And that's all I have to say about that.


Richard G. said...


I love the Rose McGowen face!

And the kiddie Predator!

God, how does Rodriguez get high-profile gigs like this? Hasn't FOX learned their lesson yet?! Give Alien and Predator to directors capable of such a job!

Rodriguez is fine for low-budget flicks made quickly. Predator /ahem excuse me/ PredatorS deserve better.

Fox can suck it. again.

Anonymous said...

fucking awesome, JimSmash!

Anonymous said...

Alien-Aliens, Predator-Predators what original Sr RodrĂ­gues, I can see the script: a group of marines in a specially mission of recogning find a ...I saw this movie.

crookymike said...

Word verification: focha
Says it all really.

Scott King said...

Only producing it.

Sidenote my word verification for this is:

Red Jimsmash said...

Um, after the first "Predator", has that creature been in anything worthwhile? Predator 2 and the Alien vs. Predator movies have been monumental shit bombs.

Franchise can't sink any lower. Give ol' Robbie Rodriguez a shot.

Jim said...

Scott, according to IESB, he is directing it:

Director Robert Rodriguez has taken on the 20th Century Fox PREDATOR franchise and creating a newly rebooted "PREDATORS."

IESB has also confirmed it will be Rodriguez' own take on the original concept and he is in fact not only producing the reboot, he's also directing it.

Jim said...

I'm not a fan of Rodriguez's work. So where I'm coming from, the franchise will continue its dive further down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious???? I liked El Mariachi and Desperado but it all stops there for me with Rodriguez...ugg

Jim said...

El Mariachi and Desperado were cool, yeah. But everything since has been meh for me. He's great at making movies quickly with a small budget. I tip my hat to him for that!

I just don't think he has what it takes to make a great PREDATOR movie.

I hope I'm wrong and he makes a new classic.

Scott King said...

my source

Jim said...

ah, interesting.

for those who didn't click on Scott's link, it says:

"Yesterday we told you that Robert Rodriguez had announced that he was officially developing a Predator reboot for 20th Century Fox titled Predators."

"Well, apparently the project is almost ready to go because Fox has already announced a July 7th 2010 release date, according to ERC. Also, apparently the filmmaker will NOT be writing or directing the movie.He will be producing the project, which he hopes will shoot at his Austin-based studio."

thanks, Scott!

laurence said...

Great pic!

Anonymous said...

REDJIMSMASH,..yes after the first one the others stunk, which is EXACTLY the reason to leave it alone in the first place. It was a stand alone film, and should not have been whored out. BUT, for SOME UNEXPLAINED REASON, people take a true horror ( ALIEN) and THRILLER (Predator) and eventually turn them into bubblegum, pulp, campy, cliche' action rides with cheap gimmicks and those " crazy gags" that we all know films need (no,....they don't). SO i guess that's why some people think Rich Rod is a great choice. BC when it comes to camp, cliche', and cheese, he's there for you.

Jaganar said...

i love the fact that //Danny Trejo ( machete)is actually in the collage //


apparently every one forgot Selma Hayek in possibly her most sexiest role in
*From dusk Till Dawn *

come on guys FIRST he made a great vamp flick and then gets the chance to destroy Red Sonja and after the predator Franchise =/

~~~cough*TERMINATOR 3[SALVATION]*cough~~~
and leave the classic design of the Predator beast THE FUCK ALONE .

dr. lazarus said...

great pic, man!