Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last night, on the way home from work, my old school Motley Crue SHOUT AT THE DEVIL cassette was eaten alive. Yes, one of our vehicles still has a tape deck (don't be jealous). Usually I listen to radio or my iPod via cassette-adaptor... but the adaptor died 4-months ago, and my iPod died 2-months ago. It's been a tough year for me and music. Anyway, my Shout At The Devil tape, which I've had since 1986, is no more.

* For those young readers, cassette tapes were what we listened to after Vinyl Records but before CDs (pre-mp3 and iTunes). I give this disclaimer because I overheard a college girl the other day say she had never even heard of a cassette tape, vinyl record or laser disc. It was a conversation sparked by her young teen brother who didn't know what a cd was. Amazing. I mean, I knew what phonographs, 45s and 8-tracks were, even though they were before my time. Know your history, people.


Richard G. said...

Dude, that's fucking rad you still had that! I wish I still had some of my old tapes. You could throw 'em around and step on 'em and they'd still play. They were perfect for car travellin'. I mourn the loss of a piece of Rock history!

Timewaster said...

The story about not hearing of tapes or laserdiscs is almost as bad as a conversation I overheard about 10 years ago at a restaurant.

A girl, around 25, goes - "Whoa, wait - are you telling me James Earl Jones was the voice of Darth Vader!?!"

Jim said...

Well, until Lucas releases the Original Trilogy on Blue Ray with Hayden Christensen's Vader dub! :P

Genevieve Lopez said...

Man, at my house we've still got all the crappy fake-wood cassette holder "furniture" kicking around. We've got movies on VHS that we haven't replaced with DVD yet. And I had a plastic Sesame Street record player until our basement flooded.

That said, old technology can betray you-- when my 12-year-old sister was worried that I couldn't/wouldn't rip a copy of the "Twilight" DVD for her, she hooked up a VCR and made a VHS copy for herself. (I caved when she told me...)

Also, word verification, no joke: "anger"

Jim said...


spaceJASE said...

My VW bus has an 8-track in it... If anyone knows where I can get some 8-tracks please let me know!!!

spaceJASE said...

I mean it has an 8-track PLAYER in it. I needs me some 8-tracks to PLAY.

Steve Jobs is God here said...


ipods stop working?


Maybe if you go talk to a "genius" they can help you out.

or give you a $5 credit for your $350 ipod on the latest greatest ipod guaranteed to be the biggest ipod for at least 3 months.

Jim said...

I'm done with Apple.

My iPod died.
My wife's iPod died.
That stupid "Baby Shaker" iPhone app.
and now my wife's laptop just died.

For the price, they should have a longer lifespan than 4yrs.


satan said...

Welcome to our side.

ohh and shawna's lasted 13 months..
before the 1.50 led backlight went out.

The genius told me I didn't buy "extended" protection so my 350 ipod was now worth a $25 credit to trade in. And apple didn't "fix" ipods cause it wasn't worth their time.

But of course they wanted it for $25 to throw in a $2 led and resell it refurbished for $280

It still works fine, just no lit screen, there's 3rd party ones for like 50 bucks just haven't gotten round to it. and other similar sites.

The most amazing thing they've done is convince the world that $300 devices are disposable. I know people that cringe at 1500 for a pinball machine, but own 4 or 5 ipods. well guess what my pinball machine is still worth vs their ipods?

Jim said...

You assume that because I'm done with Apple, I'm now a PC guy.

Fuck that.

Both suck!!!!

pepsilover said...

Nice photo! Well framed :)