Monday, June 30, 2008


The Comic Community mourns the loss of comic penciller MICHAEL TURNER, who passed away this past friday after battling chondrosarcoma (cancer of the hip). Turner splashed onto the scene in the mid-90s co-creating WITCHBLADE and FATHOM for Top Cow. An instant comic superstar, Turner later started his own comic company, ASPEN MLT, where his next project SOULFIRE debuted, as well as the new home for Fathom. Recently both Marvel and DC books have sported covers by Turner; Identity Crisis, Civil War and more. Michael Turner was 37.


Anonymous said...

seriosly ,

no friggin way ..
why coudnt it be Joe MADuera

this man had TALENT

*raises a candle to a phenominal creator*

Anonymous said...

I understand the sadness of losing someone, but it is uncool to wish the death of another person instead. Very tacky.