Friday, June 20, 2008


For those keeping track... in the past 4 years, Marvel writers (Chuck Austen & Peter David) have written She-Hulk into the beds of JUGGERNAUT and HERCULES. WTF?

(Besides, I think she'd have higher standards)


spank boy said...

bc they are sexually repressed pervs,..that's why.

-this is why comics and nerds in general get a bad rap.

c'mon people,.grow up a little

Anonymous said...

(push coke-bottle glass back on nose)
I..ah, beleive it was revealed that the She-Hulk that slept with the juggernaut was from an alternate dimension.


Jim said...

Hahahaha, nice!

Ok, but...

A) The "reveal" you speak of was a "retcon" by a different writer- DAN SLOTT. One I was very thankful for, but a retcon nonetheless.

B) She-Hulk from an alternate dimension is still She-Hulk, regardless if she's shlupping Juggy and/or Herc.

C) Research is good! So is reading and paying attention the post. Namely, the part where I was only speaking about writers CHUCK AUSTEN and PETER DAVID (not Dan Slott).


Man, I wish Slott was still on She-Hulk... David's run so far had me dropping the title a few issues back.

Thanks for commenting, ya'll!
And that goes for all who leave comments, btw. :)

Basic said...

Now I'm wondering who wrote the issue about her sleeping with Tony Stark.

jaganar said...


dude was ANYBODY THERE FOR THE NY COMIC CON WHEN CHASE FROM ds9 had that gold dress on Oo
IT WAS ALL GUYS WHO NEVER GOT LAID and in their late 50's .

i wonder where thor stands in this equasion cus he is the best god in that roster =]
then again , how bout thing ^__^
ribbed for her pleasure

~joker sized grin ~

Anonymous said...

Lol... taken out of context, the panel with juggy is quite funny. Just read the text. :-)

Jim said...

HAHA! fantastic!

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She-Hulk has not limits, she is always doing all what she wants and anybody can control her. I don't know hot to stop her.

Anonymous said...

all I want to know is, where can I can get the artwork that doesn't have a crease down he middle? :D

Asshole said...

Chuck Austin linking new teeny bopper, vampire diaries type stories to marvel story lines. Austin Suckss

Anonymous said...

you forgot to list Wyatt Wingfoot, and John Jameson on that list.. oh, and Starfox