Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This is a painting ALEX ROSS did for the upcoming "milestone" UNCANNY X-MEN #500. I dig the X-Men throught the Ages fighting Magneto.... with the Original X-Men layed out similar to X-Men #1, albeit from a different angle. The Sentinels rock and points for portraying "the real" Rogue (pre-Jim Lee meek, Daisy Duke Rogue). Kitty looks kinda weird (hair??) and funny enough, I'm not digging his Wolverine who is up in front. But, Wolvie's in a Fastball Special, so it kind of makes up for it.


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Anonymous said...

MAN,..i love this picture MUCH better than Land's double page spread. Notice how Alex Ross ACTUALLY uses some artistic talent to nicely blend photo reference with artistic talent to give a "life like" Norman Rockwell picture, as opposed to LAND, who just blatantly photoshops Maxim, Playboy, and Muscle and Fitness models, AND doing so without a thought of to what these characters might ACTUALLY look like. what a hack.

-I'm really tired of his crap. I wonder if we will see a 1)Transformer/ Mech Warrior, Sentinel, 2) what film he is going to rip off for paneling, and 3) if all the feamale characters will look like pole dancers, ready to please the next high roller comming in the room

-WHY does he have to be drawing X-men 500???

-seriously, why is the guy considered "one of the best"???