Monday, June 30, 2008


Remember those "Fan Art Fridays" posts with the Predators and Horses?
Well..... Sideshow Collectibles has made an actual statue of a Predator on a Horse (found on Can't wait to see this in AVP3. *please note sarcasm and bitterness*
Only $250 of your hard-earned cash!


Jaganar said...

*looks at it with tears in his eyes *




! ! ! !

CybertronNews said...

Woah that is cool!!!

johnny said...

personally I find that to be incredibly dumb. to each his/her own.

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I stayed completely speechless, I have not words to describe my sensation when I sow this figure. Without doubts I have to go to watch AVP 3 at the cinema, because if the characters are like this horse, I'll stay so pleased.
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