Sunday, June 01, 2008


Caught the soldout IRON MAIDEN show last night in Irvine, CA. This is a continuation of their "SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME" tour where they revisit the classic Maiden era spotlighting the "Somewhere In Time" and "Powerslave" days... with some added goodies from other albums, too. But the stage show feels like Powerslave, complete with giant Eddie Mummy puppet. And of course they had the big Cyborg Eddie running around on stage! Needless to say, it was fantastic! This was the 2nd concert I've caught on this tour, and I'd like to just follow them around the globe.

Oh, and a surprise (for me atleast) opening band: ANTHRAX!!!!
Unfortunately, they have a new lead singer, Dan Nelson, who sucks pretty hard.

Anyway, back to Maiden... here's some killer album art of their previous work, as well as the "Somewhere Back In Time" artwork that incorporates elements from each:

.....and they said they are working on a new album! I highly recommend picking up their latest, "A MATTER OF LIFE & DEATH".

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Isorski said...

I agree about Matter of Life and Death. It is one of their best for sure. I caught the band a couple of days later outside of Seattle. Posted a review and some photos at Check it out.