Friday, October 12, 2007


Some new casting news came out today regarding JJAbrams' upcoming STAR TREK Re-Imaging movie. SIMON PEGG (Shaun of the Dead) will be SCOTTY, and JOHN CHO (Harold/Kumar...White Castle) will be SULU. I guess I can see Pegg as Scotty... but Cho doesn't fit the bill. Then again, I've only seen him as Harold. McCOY has yet to be cast, nor KIRK... although apparently CHRIS PINE is up for it (bah, only Shatner can be KIRK!).

CHEKOV = Anton Yelchin
UHURA = Zoe Saldana
YOUNG SPOCK = Zachary Quinto
OLD SPOCK = Leanord Nimoy (yay!)
NERO (Romulan villain) = Eric Bana

Most of this casting is blah and off, I think. Saldana is Uhura? Hardly.

I wonder what the uniforms and Enterprise will look like. I'd personally like them to be similar to the originals, but with some more money thrown at it. No need to reinvent completely.... look at how boring the suits looked in the craptastic show "Enterprise"... although the ship on that show kicked ass. Anyway, stick to the original feel, just update slightly. So says JimSmash.


Anonymous said...

I agree, that is a poor choice for Uhura. Abrams clearly only sees the short skirt, not the strong confident smart woman ahead of her time.

Anonymous said...

I love Simon Pegg! It will be interesting to see him as Scotty.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, last three Star trek movies had a great cast but a crappy story. More worried about what the story is, than the cast. It should be more along the lines of the Star Trek: Debt of Honor comic.

Only Shatner is Kirk!

Anonymous said...

3 weeks out from principle shooting and no solid cast? hmmm