Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Check out this X-FORCE WOLVERINE bust by Kotobukiya. It's only available at this year's San Diego Comic Con and limted to only 500 pieces (gah!). If you're fast enough and lucky enough, you can score one at the ONLY place available - Kotobukiya’s booth #2601. Here's the schedule of of its release and amounts:

300pcs for Wednesday, July 22nd (preview night)
150pcs for Thursday, July 23rd
50pcs for Friday July 24th.

Purchases will be limited to only 2 busts per person, and is priced at only $80. So that means you can buy one for yourself and one for ME.

Seriously, someone get this for me.

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Anonymous said...

I'm typically not a big fan of these type of things, just because I have enough clutter and crap allovertheplace in my house, but that is a damn fine lookin' sculpt...