Monday, July 13, 2009


Apparently RYAN REYNOLDS has been cast as GREEN LANTERN.

Good grief, do they even READ the comics? (no). Reynolds is no where NEAR right for the part of Hal Jordan. At all.

Ryan Reynolds was born to play 2 parts: Deadpool and WALLY WEST FLASH. Reynolds is completely wrong for the part. It's like having Christopher Reeve play Batman.

Last week it was reported the casting choices were down to three: Reynolds, Bradley Cooper & Justin Timberlake. Of those 3, I would have gone with Cooper. But all 3 are bad choices for Hal.

This casting makes me sad.

*seriously, Justin Timberlake???


Kelli said...

I still think Nathan Fillion would've been perfect for the part!

dr lazarus said...

eh, while I like Nathan (firefly!!!!), I don't see him as a Hal Jordan. Similar to Reynolds, he's more a "comediac-type" character. I've never thought of Hal being a funny guy.

Nathan was great in that Wonder Woman animated movie, tho!

And I agree, Reynolds as Wally would be great.

Scott King said...

The Jonas Brothers shuld've been castz as Hal, Guy, & Kyle. They rok!

Ali said...

I was rooting for Cooper too :(

Anonymous said...

How does Ryan Reynolds even have a career. he's as stiff as Keanau Reeves and as smug and unlikable as Ben Affleck.

Anonymous said...

ea, i have to agree,..i have nothing against him,,but He's NOT HAL Jordan. He's the FLASH. Now we're going to have to deal with a "funny, quirky, cute" Hal, who's got a heart of gold, and a plucky personality.....

seriously, why isn't he FLASH????

Valkaad said...

Just a few questions for hollywood (and a rant). Whatever happened to casting someone who is NOT famous? Remember a little movie called Superman starring Christoper Reeve? Wasn't that one of the best superhero movies EVER? Was Reeve famous when he tried out?
JUSTIN F-ING TIMBERLAKE??? Are you kidding me with this, hollywood? I've got an idea, why don't you cast someone based on an audition?? There's a novel idea, give the person the part that earned the role by doing the best job as the character they are betraying!! If you did that, you might make a movie that is really good, stands the test of time, and is not just another explosion movie??