Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've seen an increase of hate mail lately, which is always lovely. One of the many common attacks is that I'm "always negative" and "bash everything". While yes I do smash things from time to time - it is called JimSMASH, not JimPRAISE - I feel most of the posting I do is geeking out on things I LIKE. But who am I to argue with faithful, albeit hateful, readers?!

So I thought I'd add some interactive fun: for 1 week, I will do a post a day that lists only GOOD things about whatever YOU CHOOSE! Want me to do "Top Good Things of AVP"? Your wish is my command. Post your choices in the Comment area of this post and/or email me ( I will then JimPraise the 5 most requested! Let's hear em, ya freakin jackals!


youknowwho... said...

battlefield earth.....

I've thrown the gauntlet down.....


dr lazarus said...

LOL Fun!

Definitely AVP-R (Predalien!)

and Phantom Menace

(screw those haters, man)

Scott King said...

The five best things about Greg Land's art.

Five reasons why the hybrid from "AVP2" could take on the original alien from "Alien"

Five reasons why Ryan Reynolds will make a good Hal Jordan.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Top praise worthy things about AvP:R

Top praise worthy things about the Predalien

Top praise worthy things about AvP

Hendell said...

oh man this is going to be sooooo fun

Timewaster said...

Top 10 reasons the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy is better than the Original Trilogy

Jim said...

This is about me focusing on the POSITIVE side of things, not turning water into wine.

Cyclops Jr. said...

I'll go easy on ya. In honor of the retirement of Trent Reznor, praise NIN!*

*Unattended concerts not included.

phillip said...

Batman & Robin

Judge Dredd

Star Wars Prequels

Jason Garrett said...

Positives of Greg Land art would be a challenge I'd like to see Smashed.

crookymike said...

"Greg Land, the Michaelangelo of our generation"
"Why AVP and AVP-R are superior to all other movies featuring Aliens"
"George Lucas: Creative genius"
"Jar Jar Binks is soooo cool because..."
"Ang Lee's Hulk movie"

Jim said...

Ha, while I appreciate the creative ideas (you bastards), I was thinking more along the lines of me focusing on the positives of something.... coming up with bogus stuff is more like an April Fools post.

AVP is not superior to ALIEN. Simple fact. So I could come up with a bunch of crappy bullshit, but that's easy.

So how about some suggestions where I would have to search for the positives... like say for "Phantom Menace" I would say a positive is Darth Maul - he looks cool.

Apologies my initial post was vague as to what I was after with this exercise.

.........I will be keeping all of these suggestion in mind, tho!

btw, between the comments and emails I've received, it looks like AVP-R and SW PREQUELS will definitely make into the JimPraise week.


Unkiedev said...

I'm disappointed in the other commenters. Maybe they don't know how far your knowledge of things geek can go, Jim.

The GOOD things about the G.I. Joe: The Movie Cartoon. You know, the one where we find out Cobra Commander is a snake man?

The GOOD things about the Masters of the Universe Movie with Dolf Lundgren. Is there anything?

The GOOD things about the Ewok specials. Good luck with that one.

The GOOD things about Spider-Man: Brand New Day.

The GOOD things about the comic strip Mallard Philmore

Tigas said...

10 good things about the new Wolverine movie.

nfpgasmask said...

Something that came up the other day with me, very similar to what you said here- A lot of my friends think I am a movie snob. Two of my close friends told me they are "scared" to tell me about any movies they liked because they are afraid I will just tear it apart. That said, I got into a heated discussion about Michael Bay with one of my friends and why I think he is the worst director in Hollywood. Now, regardless of my reasons, he still thinks that I was being overly critical and that I failed to see the good in Transformers or whatever. And because of this, maybe I really AM a movie snob. I personally do not see the point in sugar coating a turd. Yes, I think that the effects and audio in Transformers were top notch. But imo, you can not base a film on only one aspect. I look for the WHOLE PACKAGE. Sure I can appreciate several things about movies and the film making process, but I refuse to praise films that I think are garbage. He was genuinely pissed off that I hated Terminator Salvation. Anyway, I said to hell with it, if you think it sucked, don't back down. In addition to all this, the same friends told me I am always negative with my movie reviews, yet they COMPLETELY FAIL to see or remember all the movies that I praise. I don't get it. All they see is when I bash a film, but they somehow completely miss when I praise a film. So I think it is just people like to focus on the negative. Obviously they do that same to you, Jim...sorry for being so long winded there...too much coffee. :)