Thursday, July 30, 2009


Since its relaunch in 1998, DAREDEVIL has been a solid book every month. That's a pretty good era for a book - 11 years! But looking back, I've realized that I really don't like MATT MURDOCK anymore. While the book is a good read and entertaining, I'm beginning to grow tired of Murdock's self-destructive douchebaggery. I remember when I used LIKE the character. Kevin Smith, David Mack, Bendis and Ed Brubaker have done a great job these past 11 years, but I'm hoping new oncoming writer ANDY DIGGLE can make Murdock a character I give a shit about once again.

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stuclach said...

I completely share your opinion. This is one of the most interesting characters in Marvel's stable and they have FORCED me to stop reading his book. I am more than willing to start picking it up when they turn thing around.