Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Remake will be live action with cg characters.
Add this to the "completely unnecessary" pile.
No way this remake can be as funny as the original.
Seriously? They're remaking this? Bah.
This one's a prequel, spotlighting Kong's many adventures
before the events of "King Kong".

If its 120 min of just Kong fighting giant creatures,
no dialogue, it could be fun.
But if there's a single goddamn Westerner....grrr


Red Jimsmash said...

Is "Secret of Nihm" REALLY that great of a movie that it's considered untouchable? I think not.

And "Kong of Skull Island" was announced being made by some random company, so it's doubtful it'll have the same impact on the world as a full fledged sequel/prequel/reimagining/whatever.

Hendell said...

hey jim, dont know if you heard the news but i just read that planet hulk is being released on blu-ray and dvd, you know just sharing in case you dont know

Jim said...

Yes, it is that great of a film and yes its considered untouchable. I know so.


allen said...

Remakes must end!

tiredofitall... said...

yes, Nihm is awesome, and doesn't need to be touched. and kind of on the subject ( the planet Hulk post made me think of it..) It's also EXTREMELY lame and unimaginative when someone takes an established, original character and duplicates him/her, but just changes the color, or the sex and calls it "new", Original", or "creative". The Hulk is a perfect example of that. Hey!, now we have Hulk and RED HULK!!! why??,..just bc he's cool and kicks ass, man,..and we have SON of Hulk, and DAUGHTER of Hulk, and now Red She Hulk, and pretty soon we can have cousin Blue Hulk, and coming down the pipe is GAMMA,..the Hulk Dog,..who can eventually fight BOMB,..the RED HULK DOG!!!!,..oh see how fun this is!!,..I think i should write for Marvel......and the sad thing is, there are people out there who think the Red Hulk and Co. are just plain awesome...and this is why we have re makes, crappy, hack, unimaginative ideas, crappy stories, and even people who copy you....


Andrew Glazebrook said...

K I L L H O L L Y W O O D !!!!

Nik Holmes said...
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Nik Holmes said...

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels wasn't actually the original. It was certainly very original, and no doubt it's the comedy magic of Caine and Martin which is being remade, but the true original was a David Niven/Marlon Brando movie 'Bedtime Story'.
Deleted the above post as just wanted to add that my pointing this out in no way means that I believe this remake is a good idea. Why not remake Bullseye instead, with Daniel Craig and Jude Law taking the Moore and Caine roles.

Multiple Miggs said...

They can remake Bullseye... but ONLY if they give Nicholas Courtney his same cameo appearance.

stuclach said...

Remaking Dirty Rotten Scoundrels should be illegal.