Friday, July 10, 2009


SideShow Collectibles and Amalgamated Dynamics Inc have teamed up to produce Alien/Predator/AVP merchandise. Here is their latest outing: One of their unused Concept Designs for the PREDALIEN seen in the unwatchable AVP-R. You can buy it for $180 here. They've already produced a full-body statue of another unused Predalien concept design (here).

The sculpt & paint job is really nice and while I don't necessarily like this design, I do prefer it to the one that made it up on screen (review).

You all should know by now my disdain for the Predalien, so I'll spare you another regurgitation of my rant.... (if you don't know, click here: HATING THE PREDALIEN).

Instead I thought I'd share with you some JimSmash Hate Mail I received awhile back from "anonymous" regarding the Predalien and my intelligence:
"Fuck you. you couldn't come up with anything that successful. besides the alien-predator-AVP movie s made billions of dollars so obviously someone liked it. oh and JIM SMASH jim also not speak full sentence as jim have 5 brain cell."

*I receive hate mail all the time. Yippie!


allen etter said...

5? Gotta ber six at least. Why all the hate mail?

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it's always good to have a dri nap.

allen etter said...
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anti-anonymous said...

well,...Mr. "Anonymous",.. McDanolds makes BILLIONS of dollars a year on their food world wide, you consider Them "fine dining", or "great cosine"? bc after all,... if money equates quality, Micky D's is the best food you can probably buy.....

Seriously JIM,..please post more of these idiots comments. If you don't "get" this site,..then stay off.....

allen etter said...


which by the way was CHENT

Homie Bear said...

Yeah really!

Unkiedev said...

Me like Jim no talk full sentence! Make Jim more like HULK!


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Next time I'm washing plates in the sink I'm gonna get all "dishnity" on em'!

spaceJASE said...

I would like to see more hate mail postings if they are this amusing. LOL

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"I haven't seen Ana's tess but I've heard it's something else!"