Thursday, July 09, 2009


Ha, nice. Diamond Select Toys is making an electronic ENTERPRISE based on the slightly altered version from the classic episode "MIRROR, MIRROR".

No, I do not know the episode number.... yet.

*Update: It's Episode 39. You're welcome.

As an added treat, here is your very own Mirror, Mirror evil goatee!
Just print and cut along the dotted lines!


Multiple Miggs said...

If everything is opposite in the mirror universe, Uncle Miggsy shudders at the thought of what alternate Miggsy is posting on his blog!! SHUDDER!

Also, does that mean mirror universe Jim Smash LIKES the Predalien?!? DOUBLE SHUDDER!!

Jim said...

HAHAHA, awesome

but even Mirror JimSmsah hates the predalien ;)

Rich said...

Look at that detail!!!

When I was a kid I only could get the the AMT model and the Dinky Toys version...

...and the AMT was in freakin BLUE plastic... I painted the doggon thing gloss white and got finger prints all over it


I was about to say "You kids today have it easy..." but then I thought... this toy isn't really for kids is it...


Anonymous said...

But where's the part where Kirk is putting his boots on after doing the mirror Marlena Moreau?!?