Friday, July 31, 2009


Previously it was announced that the thought-to-be green-lit ALIEN PREQUEL was to be produced by Ridley & Tony Scott, with commercial director CARL ERIK RINSCH to direct. But then I heard FOX was not going to green light it unless RIDLEY was in the director's chair.

And so it is - Ridley Scott will direct the Alien Prequel. (via Variety)

This gives me some hope, although I'm still very cautious....

In previous interviews, Ridley has said he'd been toying with the idea that the Aliens are not of the Natural Order of the Universe, but instead are organic weapons created by other Species. I really hate this approach as I've always loved the theme of "Nature vs Technology". The idea that the Aliens are merely natural creatures in the universe really appealed to me and helped make me the ridiculous fan I am today.

Here are some things I do NOT want to see in the Prequel:

* Any mention of Weyland, Yutani, or Weyland-Yutani..... unless its at the very very end where we see the Company pick up the Derelict's "distress" signal.

* Any mention of the "Ripley Family". I can see it now - Ellen Ripley's grandmother first encountered the aliens and its now a family curse.

* Any humans. The Nostromo Crew should be the first human encounter with the Aliens. It's been that way for 30+ years, don't start retconning shit now.

* Any Space Jockeys acting in any sort of readily identifiable pop culture way (watching TV, playing a video game, etc)

* Any link to the 2 abysmal AVP movies - which do not exist in the true mythos of ALIEN.

Of course I ask for the impossible.
But atleast its Ridley Scott....

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*thanks for the tip, JasonG & BryDev!


Scott King said...

I saw this in Variety yesterday and have been checking the blog like every 10 minutes!

jaganar said...

1. the best part of Avp was when queeny , walked over the earth like she owned it :) . only reason to see that crap again besides Saana ^^

2. true that tho , no fucking riply-esque referance at gaddamn all.

3. does this mean that there was a queen aboard the deralict spacecraft ? because of the rows and rows of eggs we saw

Multiple Miggs said...

Regrettably, there will be humans involved.

Jim said...


1) I hope you're being facetious since here was no best part of AVP ;P

3) Not sure... either there was a queen on the Derelict ship, or the ship was merely transporting the eggs, meaning the eggs had been loaded onboard prior.

Now, when they made ALIEN, the Queen was not a part of the lifecycle yet, so its hard to guess.

Originally, the idea was that the Alien's victims would be cocooned into the wall and then slowly transformed into eggs themselves. In the director's cut you can see the scene where Ripley finds Dallas & Bret in mid-egg-transformation. This would answer the Lambert's question, "where's the rest of the crew?" while onboard the Derelict.

But, this was in the director's cut so its not "official". James Cameron & Gale Anne Hurd applied the ant/bee analogy to the ALien's lifecycle.

I like to think a queen was down there just because of the awesome factor. :)

Anonymous said...

:| I don't know what to think. Ridley admitted in the special features of the BR box set that he feels that he has, "gotten soft" over the years when discussing why he changed THE MOST MEMORABLE and MOST POWERFUL line of dialog in the entire film for his "Final Cut". That fact alone makes me worry that he will also be "soft" when it comes to making a really bad ass Alien film...uggg.