Tuesday, December 06, 2005


The trailer for X-MEN 3 is out.
Watch it here.

I watched it (with no audio) and it looks ok I guess.
I'm not the biggest fan of the other 2 movies, though - entertaining, yes. But in no way captures what's made me an X-Fan all these years. It does, however, feel similar visually to the world Bryan Singer created - so no obvious creative jump like the Tim Burton-to-Schumacher Batmans.

Beast isn't as bad as I originally thought from the first pic released - but I'm not won over by him by any means. Halle Berry as Storm is silly and boresome as always. I'm thinking this one will be a rental(?), based primarily on the problems the production has had since before Day 1 and having Brett "Rush Hour" Ratner direct. Ugh.

Famke looks super hot, tho, as always.
And there's a Fast Ball Special in there - Nice.

** Click on image to enlarge for some screen shots **

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