Thursday, December 08, 2005


Check out this sooper dooper cool WAMPA painting!!
** click on image to enlarge, geek and impress girls with **

One of many reasons why this painting is cool is that there was a cut scene from Empire Strikes Back where Wampas invade the Rebel Base on Hoth, and after some carnage, the Rebels finally contain them in a room... after killing one of them with a bazooka! In the version we all know and love, when C3PO is running down a corridor to the Falcon, you can see on one of the doors a sign/symbol warning to not enter: Wampas inside! In the cut scene, 3PO stops and removes the sign - later Snowtroopers enter the room and become Wampa bitches.

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Anonymous said...

you can kill them in Shadows of the Empire video game.. wow cool a game in 3d...