Monday, December 05, 2005


Last week we watched the original KING KONG and freaking loved it. Go here to read about that.

Last night, we watched the 1976 remake. I hadn't seen it since I was probably 14 yrs old and remember it being pretty sucky even back then. Well, its even worse now. WOW!! It was damn near unwatchable!! The only good part is the man-in-suit KONG, and that's saying something!The movie was sincerely like watching a bad 70's porno on cable - except no nudity, just similar writing and acting. Seriously, it has blatant pornographic undertones throughout. Humorously terrible!The stellar cast included Jeff Bridges as the ridiculous hippie professor "Jack Prescott", Jessica Lange as the annoying flitty drunk girl with no brain "Dwan" (no last name!) and Charles Grodin as the idiot guy who snags Kong "Fred Wilson". I'll spare you the details of why and how this remake is god awful. But if I was to remake THIS version, and wanting to stay true to it, this is who I'd cast:

Jack Prescott......... Jeff Bridges' "The Dude" from Big Lebowski
Dwan......... Anna Nicole, with a steady supply of booze & pills
Fred Wilson............ Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy

I think that cast with perhaps the director of Deep Throat would do a just remake of the 1976 King Kong.
and thus, today's extreme diarrhea trifecta is completed.

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