Wednesday, December 07, 2005


To continue off the "Rad Spaceships" post yesterday, I thought I'd spotlight the cooler aliens/creatures of sci-fi/fantasy movies.

Again, off the top of my head:

**Top-to-Bottom/Left-to-Right**** Click on image to enlarge **

* ALIEN: Incl Drone/Warrior, Queen, Facehugger and Chestburster (Spacejockey, too, but not pictured) -- #1 of all Time!!!
* PREDATOR (from Predator 1...mabye 2, but AVP does not exist, understand?)
* THE SARLACC PIT (a giant orifice with teeth and tentacles in the desert? awesome)
* THE THING (John Carpenter's version: Fah-reaky!!!)
* GRABOIDS!!! (From Tremors - and they stink, too!)
* GODZILLA (the original, baby)
* THE KRAKEN! (Clash of the Titans: "Release the Kraken!!!!!")
* SKEKSIS (from Dark Crystal - also include many other creations from that amazing flick)
* MEDUSA (Clash of the Titans)

and like the 'Rad Spacehips' post....
What did I leave out? Bitch at me in Comments.

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