Monday, May 18, 2009


Stan Bush's remix of "Sam's Theme" from Michael Bay's Transformers.... set to the lyrics of "The Touch"!!!

Ditch the rapping -or keep but with Linkin Park- and you know what you have? Nooo, not that (ya bunch of smartasses)... I'm talkin' END CREDITS, baby!

Who's with me?......... anyone?.........*cricket cricket*...........hello?.....

and here's his original from 1984's Transformers: The Movie:



BlueHeavy said...

Please tell me this isn't real. This is a prime example of what bay is doing to the transformers, distorting the material just to the point where you can't recognize it anymore. Why can't stan just sing his awesome song and make everyone happy?

Jim said...

Atleast the Foo Fighters or some shit aren't doing a cover of Stan's song.

Although.... I've always wanted to hear IN FLAMES sing the "Transformers Theme Song" from the '84 movie.... :)

FunkyM said...

The "new touch" is simply Heresy. Pure, Horrifying Cleanse-it-with-fire Heresy.

The Original version was perfect. Why Ruin something so purely Awesome with such crap?

Blue Diablo said...

I hate it.

Jim said...

What are you talking about? This new version is by far superior than the orig... hehehe, just kidding. Its pretty awful.

Which is why it works perfectly for the credits.

Dean said...

atleast it's Stan Bush. I'd allow it if need be. but would prefer the original.

seriously, why isn't this song in the new Michael Bay movies? Credits or soundtrack or even commercial. come on!