Friday, May 22, 2009


Last december I did a quick post pointing out the similarities between the 1978 children's book character ROSAMOND and the 1991 Hot Topic Fav EMILY THE STRANGE: appears that the goth girl character EMILY is a pretty hard ripoff of ROSAMOND, a "strange girl" in the 1978 children's book Nate the Great and the Lost.

The similarities are uncanny:
Emily and Rosamond both have long black hair.
Emily and Rosamond both have a very pale complexion.
Emily and Rosamond both have 4 black cats.
Emily and Rosamond both wear white mary janes.
Emily and Rosamond both are referred to as “strange”.

from ROSAMOND (1978):
Rosamond did not look
hungry or sleepy.
She looked like she always looks.

from EMILY THE STRANGE (1991):
Emily didn't look
tired or happy.
She looked like
she always looks.
Cosmic Debris Etc, the publishing company of "Emily The Strange" is suing the creators of "Rosamond". They claim their 'Emily the Strange' character "does not infringe on Marjorie Sharmat's and Marc Simont's "Nate the Great" copyrights. Cosmic Debris asks that the defendants be restrained from recovering damages regarding Emily, and that they be prohibited from claiming that Emily infringes on their work." (link)

Are you fucking kidding me?

That's like Greg Land suing Hustler, Vogue and Muscle Mag.



Rich said...

"Emily The Strange" even looks like a bad photocopy when you compare the two. I hope the "Rosamond" creators have a good lawyer.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

They're taking the piss aren't they !?!? Go and SMASH em !!!!!!

Lisa said...

UNBELIEVABLE!! Couldn't look more copied if they TRIED!