Thursday, May 21, 2009


ChrisA sent this to me.... he posts on theHiveForum:
Here's something that I know you guys are gonna like.

This beauty debuted at Wonderfest.

Sculpted by Sky W in Hong Kong, this is being released here in the US by my friend Mark D. at NIGHTMARE COLLECTIBLES.

I was able to score the first piece (thanks Mark) and let me tell ya, pics don't do this justice. It's absolutely amazing in person.

This ginormous kit clocks in at 40"H X 14"W X 24"D!
Although, I think it's actually taller than 40"

The head, torso, and base are hollow cast to save on weight and shipping costs.
All the parts are keyed, which makes assembly a breeze.

The price for this is $450 plus $160 air shipment or $100 surface.
Which is a STEAL for a piece this size.

But, if Mark can get 7 pre-orders, the price drops to $400 plus the shipping cost.
Ya just can't beat that!

If anyone is interested in ordering, contact Mard D. here:

I cannot stress this enough - SOMEONE BUY THIS FOR ME!
(my birthday is in 3 weeks)


Andrew Glazebrook said...

You've put Gaint instead of Giant !!

Anonymous said...

that's just how excited Jim is....

Anonymous said...

I miss Wonderfest. I used to go when I lived in Chicago. That kit is AWESOME.