Monday, May 11, 2009


Yesterday the LA Times ran a fun "Top Worst Movie Moms" on their site. Number 7 was the Alien Queen.

I don't know what's more insulting here - that the image is of an Alien Drone (NOT the Queen) or that the image is from fucking ALIEN: RESURRECTION? I'm going with a TIE on this one.

Seriously, you'd think the person in charge of 'Entertainment' in the goddamn LA Times would know better. I mean, at the very least do a google search for "Alien Queen" - oh, that's what it looks like. Idiots.

Sad and pathetic on my end, yes.
But it drives me nuts nonetheless.

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Deadbeat74 said...

Same thing happend in this months issue of Wizard, they where rateing graphic novels and in the listing for Frank Miller's Hard Boiled they credited Dave Gibbons as the artist even though they had a picture of one of the issues next to it with the names Frank Miller and Geof Darrow written in big letters.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I told the guys at the LA Times that would piss you off, but I didn't think they'd actually publish it !!!

allen said...

IT is the L.A. Times after all...not too surprising.

Word: Myrotar

otter said...

one time ran a top 10 aquarium list and used one of our shark photos for another aquarium that shall not be named. and to make the burn worse, they didn't even include us in the top 10! and just so you know, it's impossible to contact a human who works on that site about copyright issues. IM. possible.

so i mentally pooped in their jacuzzi.