Friday, May 08, 2009


Ok, this is hilarious.

But its also a bit frustrating because while they're absurd at moments, the Fans do have a few valid points.

I know I'm about to sound like a ridiculous, jaded Trekkie nerd here ("The buildings are too tall!!!"), but please bare with...

Star Trek isn't solely about Action - it has overlaying themes and messages about Society, pro-intelligence and an optimistic view of the Future.

Hey, I'm all for adding more action to Trek, but not at the expense of losing Gene's message and becoming just another generic sci-fi popcorn flick "loosely based on..." Star Trek is more than just space ships, phasers and aliens. While it does have action/adventure, it is not about action/adventure. It's what set it apart from all the other science fiction and keeps it relevant today, 35+years later. There's room for both cerebral themes, scenes & dialogue AND kickass action. If you want mindless action, go to a Monster Truck rally - you might get lucky and see Truckasaurus!

Two things in the promo tour have caused a raised eyebrow...

1) In the trailer, Captain Pike describes Starfleet as "A Peacekeeping Armada". Wait, what? I thought they were explorers, scientists and astronauts seeking out new life and new civilizations. When did they become the U.N.?

2) In a CNN interview, Chris Pine (new Kirk) says, "You look at the bridge of the Enterprise, and it's a veritable United Nations of colors, races and sexes.... What a wonderful thing to look at a bunch of people working together against one common enemy that's out there."

Gene's optimistic future was not one of "United Against Another"... it was "United in Exploration and Learning"... of moving FORWARD, TOGETHER into a better, brighter future.

The reason for the eyebrow raises mentioned above is that those two reasons give me the impression the meaning and relevance of Star Trek has been lost with the writers, director and actors.

My fear is they're replacing Star Trek with Galactica. I'm going to see the film sunday night and am really looking forward to it! I'm going in with a very open mind and truly hope it kicks as much as as everyone around me is saying (both life-long diehard Trekkies and Non). I just hope they've stayed true to what made Star Trek awesome in the first place, while keeping it new and fresh for the 21st Century.

Regardless, it can't be any worse than the past 20+ years of Trek, can it?


danny said...

I agree.

We're seeing it tonight!!

Ramon Villalobos said...

I saw it last night and I had some reservations too but overall I thought it was really damn good.

Phil Freeman said...


Ok, now you have me wondering if they consciously changed from Exploration to Peacekeeping because of the changes Nero threw at the time stream. This Federation seems to be one formed out of fear, instead of hope. At the end they do explain a mission of exploration. But yeah, overall I did feel something was missing, and it may have been the overall messages of a better tomorrow or political themes. It does a grand job of exploring humanity, emotions, and friendship though. Tell us what you think when you get out of the theatre.

Scott King said...

It was horrible. I hated it. They completely changed canon so now TNG, DS9, and VOY can't exist. Plus there wasn't a single mention of the Prime Directive. This new canon feels more like the birth of the Mirrorverse.

I'm so funny. Hahahaha.

Yeah, I loved it and had no problem with it. Reminded me a lot of "Iron Man" in the sense that it was a fun summer movie that had plot and characterization that made sense.

Comrade Freon Freak said...

I've seen the film twice now, once at a regular local theater, and once at an IMAX theater; I had to make a 4 hour round trip for that one, so don't say I didn't give the film a chance when you read what I have to say...

I'm disappointed.

Spoiler Alert: read no further if you don't wanna be spoiled.

Oh, it had action, awrighty, enough to satiate even the most jaded eye. And the FX were superb, naturally; how could I have problem with that? Continuity? All explainable given the changed time line. I also have to say that I found Chris Pine charming as the updated James T. Kirk; he nailed the mannerisms and flamboyance Bill Shatner made so famous perfectly. I wasn't nearly as pleased with the new Spock, but that's just personal prejudice; Leonard Nimoy will ALWAYS be Spock in my mind, and no one can replace him. But again, that's not what put me off.

I can sum it up in one scene.

When Nero sneeringly states that he'll die in agony before accepting the help of Kirk & crew as his ship crumbles around him, Kirk simply says, without the slightest trace of regret, "Fine. Fire all phasers."


Sure, classic Kirk was gung-ho, and could get fed up, but he's NEVER been vengeful or callous about another persons life. THIS time, however, he's all "Oh, you don't want our help? Go to hell...and in fact, we'll even help send your ass there, toot-sweet!"

I don't like that Kirk. I don't. Like Jim said, it seems that something is missing from this reboot: the wonder and compassion of exploring new worlds and races...and life. Star Trek was never about Good vs. was about navigating the gray areas, keeping your humanity intact while doing so, and finding a way to extend that humanity to other entities who, on the surface, may not seem to deserve it. Some of classic Trek's best ep's were based on that premise; "The Devil In The Dark", Errand Of Mercy", The Corbomite Manuever"; I could name a DOZEN ep's where the old Kirk 'took a chance' by letting his compassion for life define his next move, rather than obey his first instinct of "Shoot First and Shoot Again" to solve an issue. Not so this reboot Kirk. It's "take it or leave it, and if you leave it, it's on you". Hardly what I'd call the compassionate respect for life the classic Kirk had.

I'll go see the next one, when it comes out. But I'm not gonna be able to get the same thrill up my spine I used to get from the classic series and movies. The 'heart' doesn't seem to be there for me.

Sorry guys. But that's how I feel about it.


allen said...

Well it seems that I'm not on the BASH-the new TREK band wagon, but I think it rocked! Most fun I've had in the theater in years.