Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Marvel's done it again and turned one of their male characters into a female one; THE BLACK PANTHER. I'm guessing its Storm? Who know, who cares. I'm just tired of this one-trick pony constantly rearing its stupid head in Marvel books; X-23, Sexbot Ultron, She-Loki, Miss Kraven, Lady Bullseye, Ms. Sinister....

(and yet Spider-Girl gets cancelled. sigh)

Seriously, Marvel. Either get new ideas, or start hiring writers with imaginations. Did Liefeld become the new EIC when I wasn't looking? Because what started off as a joke - "Marvel's Babewatch" is quickly becoming a reality.
Speaking of jokes becoming realities.... here's my previous post pointing out how Marvel writers are taking old WHAT IF..? ideas and turning into reality. Funny enough, the "What If The Punisher Became Captain America" actually happened in Punisher War Journal AFTER my post was posted!

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Anonymous said...

Hey don't forget they just brought back Starhawk,..anmd Yep,congradulations.....it's a GIRL!!!!!!