Friday, October 10, 2008


In the 1990s, Dark Horse Comics repubished in the UK many of their ALIENS comic stories in magazine form. Above are all (some?) of the UK ALIENS covers. The magazines would also sometimes include interviews, Alien News, other little alien-related goodies and sometimes stories from their Predator and Terminator comics. What I loved most about these magazines were the covers, where often you'd see previously unpublished (or rare) artwork. Some of the artwork in those covers rank among my favorite ALIENS images. I have most issues, but unfortunately not all.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I think I managed to collect all the UK ones, I have them boxed up somewhere. Some were by Chris Halls the FX bloke(Judge Dredd movie) who then changed his name to Chris Cunningham and went off and made music video's !!

Jim said...


Anonymous said...

andrew, can you privately sell me those (on eBay)? i'll take them all for $30 ($30 is all i have on my allowance. i could wait 2 moths and buy them all from you for $50. of course shipping comes in the equation). I'm a big aliens fan and only have one of those mags. please contact me!