Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Anyone remember Dark Horse's short-lived run of Star Wars INFINITIES? They were essentially "What If?" comics that had a different, darker take on the original trilogy. Like say: Luke dies on Hoth - how does the rest of Empire play out?

Another one- As a prisoner of Tarkin, Leia is turned to the Dark Side by Vader. It ends with Luke lightsaber fighting "Dark Leia" in front of the Emperor.... and Yoda kamikazee-ing the Death Star into Coruscant, destroying the Empire.

It was cool and had its moments.

However, the Infinities RETURN OF THE JEDI ended with an odd visual.... shocked by the discovery that Leia is also Vader's child, he is unable to strike them down in front of the Emperor and pulls himself out of the Dark Side's grasp. Soon after, he makes his debut amongst the Rebels as ANAKIN SKYWALKER once more, but in a WHITE Vader suit. And so now they've made a figure.
*There were 3 Star Wars mini-series, each based on one of the original trilogy episodes; A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. They're fun - ask you local comic shop if they have the issues or the collected trades!

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Anonymous said...

I wish the Star Wars: Infinites continued to include the Prequels...for instance:

PHANTOM MENACE: What if Kenobi died and Qui-Gon survived the fight against Darth Maul? What if both survived? What if all three lived to fight again on Geonosis? Now Qui-Gon has two padawans...

ATTACK OF THE CLONES: What if Padme was there to vote on the Clone Army resolution, instead of sent off to Naboo/Tatooine with Anakin? What if Anakin and Obi Wan didn't wind up on separate adventures? What if Dooku were captured?

REVENGE OF THE SITH: What if Dooku were arrested and placed on trial? What if Anakin were too late to stop Mace Windu from killing Palpatine? What if YODA beat Palpatine?

I wish they kept that going, I really do...