Monday, October 20, 2008


Check out this GALACTIC MARINE bust from Gentle Giant! As you all know, the Galactic Marines were part of the Clone Army that eventually evolved into our beloved SNOWTROOPERS.

If the sculpt looks familiar, that's because its been used as a template for a-many Star Wars bust. Like the kickass limited COMMANDER BACARA that was only available at the Baltimore Con last year. Yep, I got one because JimSmash Reader SCOTT KING snagged one for me. He rocks. Hey, did you buy his fantastic graphic novel yet? You should!

Back to the Galactic Marine... this bad boy is limited ONLY to Forbidden Planet.. and NOT available for pre-order... it will ONLY BE AVAILABLE beginning FRIDAY OCT 24th!!!! So if you want one, ya better run to HERE asap!!!!

Um, any JimSmash Readers in the UK near a Forbidden Planet???

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