Monday, January 09, 2006


Some WONDER WOMAN movie updates....
Can't recall if I posted before about it, but JOSS WHEDON (Firefly/Serenity, Buffy) is going to write and direct it, which is cool. I really enjoy his Firefly/Serenity writing and he's been kicking major ass writing ASTONISHING X-MEN (check it out if you were ever an X-Men fan during the Claremont/Byrne days!!)

Nobody's been cast so far, but rumors are the front runners are (pictured Left-to-Right) Jennifer Connelly, Monica Bellucci and Kate Beckinsale. However, Whedon has hinted he may consider Firefly/Serenity star Morena Baccarin. Baccarin just doesn't have the build or screen-strength needed for Wonder Woman, in my opinion. Personally, my vote goes to Connelly, followed in order left-t0-right in the picture; Check out the semi-creepy pic I found online that someone made of Connelly as WW. Of course, Cameron Diaz was supposedly asked but turned it down, and there's been rumors for years of having Sandra Bullock, Katie Holmes or Halle Berry. It's terrifying how addicted to crap Hollywood can be sometimes.

In terms of the direction Whedon says he wants to return to the roots of the Wonder Woman character just as Chris Nolan did in Batman Begins. Whedon says, "Ultimately it's not really a reinvention or even an updating exactly. Basically it's a distillation. It's taking things about her that are great and the things that have made her an icon and discarding the things that are less important.

With her look Whedon says he'll be getting Wonder Woman to drop the granny panties look that was classic for Lynda Carter in the 1970s but won't work for his new movie. "We're definitely have a nicer look than that. It will be the Wonder Woman silhouette, but the star spangled adult diapers are gone." However, there won't be any re-imagining - "It's not a reinvention like, 'Oh, she's going to dress like Trinity'" he said. "I want to see Wonder Woman as I know her and see her, not just star-spangled panties. But she wears the Wonder Woman outfit, and she has the bracelets and all the accoutrements; The lasso and, if I can make it work for the plot, the invisible plane. I have a take on it that, which I think is cool. It's just I'm structuring the plot, and I've got to find a place for it. But I think people want it, and I think I can do it without it being campy, believe it or not. And I respect those things. I, in fact, love them."

Hmmm, interesting... I agree, the granny panties need to go... but will he keep the stars at all? Much like Superman, you can't deviate very far from the costume without losing the character. But more importantly, will he have the crazy Lynda Carter Blue-Suit?!!!WONDER WOMAN is expected to be a Summer 2007 release, produced by Joel Silver.

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spaceJASE said...

I support the blue outfit if only for the camel toe. (Alicia pointed it out!)

Jim said...

and Jason, or should I say Alicia, wins the prize! I was wondering who would notice it first!