Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Just when you think a cliche has been done to death, someone comes along and digs up the body & defecates on it. Behold, the upcoming flick ULTRAVIOLET featuring Milla Jovovich.

Hey, remember the kids' magazine "Highlights" and their "how many things can you find wrong" pages? Here's a similar game, click here to watch the trailer. Now pay attention and count how many other movies it steals from.
Post your results in the "comments section"
. Added bonus - also include from which source they are ripping off! Grab a pen, as there's plenty to write down. The winner gets a free skin tight black outfit!!!!! (sans belly area, of course)

*Thanks, Jason!


woobot said...

She rips herself off in Resident Evil... Also, Matrix of course... It's the clean and white Matrix world. Oh yeah, JimSmash is freak'n Fun!

Jim said...

I also saw some Vanilla Sky in there!

Mr. Legs said...

Uh...Underworld and Blade had a baby with several drug enduced birth defects.

Mr. Legs said...

This baby was then adopted by Minority Report. The baby's uncle, Logan's Run, would then take it on weekend trips to The Island.