Monday, January 23, 2006


"Get your hands off me, you damn dirty ape!!!"

March 28, FOX is releasing the sweet PLANET OF THE APES saga again on dvd, all remastered, blah-blah-blah... However, it will be available in a killer 14disc boxset packaging - CEASAR'S HEAD!!! Check it out!!! The set includes all 5 original movies, the complete TV series, the never-before-seen Saturday Morning Cartoon, plus the shitty shitty craptastic 2001 Reimaging Abomination by Tim Burton.

The APES head set joins the small, but growing, group of cool "head dvd sets" like the ALIEN Quadrilogy and I,ROBOT (I have the I,Robot one - its sweet - but NEED the Alien one!). I've noticed an increase in crazy dvd packaging like these. While not "heads", the HELLRAISER and TREMORS sets are pretty neat, too. Dig em below!
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Anonymous said...

Where can I find these? Very nice.