Monday, January 23, 2006


Add this Maserati to the list of "Convert Into A Batmobile"
Throw some batfins on the back, maybe some slight additional tweaking....Sweet."Batmobile I" post here.


Anonymous said...

This is a Ferrari? Not a Maseratti..sp???? I am not much of an expert but recently....last year I think a purpose built Ferrari with the "cam back" wagon look which was built for aerodynamic reasons was not sold at auction because I guess that it was just untraditional and could not meet the limit set forth by the agency for bottom-line price!Did you know that some buisness men in So~Cal built a full size running Mach 5 replica???? I could find a pic. if you wish..just contact me.... Breonatron

Jim said...

Whoops! My brain said "Maserati" but my fingers typed "Ferrari". D'oh!
Thanks for the catch!

yeah, man! Send me pics of the lifesize Mach 5!

Anonymous said...

I forwarded the pic of me at the wheel that Dicky Bangham faked up a couple of years ago to Teenage frank...or Lumpy the cook or whatever his name is this week! Ask the Woo space boy...Hunter will get it!

Anonymous said...

See! I can't even spell it!!!!