Tuesday, January 17, 2006


So the GOLDEN GLOBES were last night. What, you didn't watch it? Neither did I. The OSCARS are coming up, too..... doubt I'll watch it as well. Tired of watching crap being awarded? Tired of seeing the best performances being pushed to the side for loser "politics" and fad-voting take the award? Tired of wasting hours of your life watching this drivel? Well have no fear! I'll save you the time by telling you right now what the best movie of 2005 was:


You heard me.

GOZILLA: FINAL WARS is the 28th Godzilla flick from Japan, and the best Godzilla flick I'd even say! I'll spare us all a full-review. Just know that this movie RAWKS and had has almost everything you'd ever want out of a Godzilla movie! The only thing I can think of that's missing is MECHAGODZILLA, but oh well. GFW has: Men in monster suits! Almost all the previous Godzilla foes! Gadzookie! Crazy "Matrix" Kung Fu! Your token Gung-Ho American Action Hero ala Sgt Slaughter! 90's X-Men costuming! Space Aliens! Godzilla even fights the crappy embarassing American CG version "Godzilla"!! What more could you ask for? And don't worry, all the great fun Godzilla cheez is still there. In fact, one of the best quotes from a movie is in this flick! The movie is pretty much all action with little story (sweet!) -wether it be futuristic ships attacking Godzilla, Godzilla fighting monsters, Kung Fu fights, Motorcycle chases or more Godzilla fighting monsters! It's all fun action!!
So do yourself a favor - instead of watching the crappy Oscars, go rent GODZILLA: FINAL WARS and kick back for the best movie of 2005. *

I give this fun movie 4.5 lil Gadzookies out of 5
(would have been 5/5 if MechaGodzilla was in it)

Oh, and please watch the dvd with English subtitles turned on. Dubbed movies is for the weak and stupid, plus the movie is always shitty when dubbed.
* ok, technically it came out in dec 2004, but didn't hit the US til 2005.

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