Wednesday, January 18, 2006


According to Aint-It-Cool-News, BRYCE HOWARD (The Village) has been cast as GWEN STACY in SPIDERMAN3 (with Blonde wig)

I really liked Bryce in The Village and she definitely fills the role, much much much better than Kirsten Dunst as MJ (what were you THINKING????!!!!!!!). She will probably do a great job with what will be given to her. But as most Spiderman fans know, they sort of merged the characters MJ and Gwen together for the first 2 Spidey films.

For those of you who have read both the original Spiderman stories and the recent Ultimate Spiderman,
I think you can guess where they are going to go with this character. Too bad they did what they did with MJ in Spidey 1.... the original story with Gwen is awesome and very emotional. But they dropped the ball with that chance. So will they go the route of Ultimate Spiderman comic, and make Gwen a punk with attitude, instead of the beloved girl-next-door sweetheart? Ugghhhh.

Oh well, everyone else seemed to love the Spidey films. So I shall remain the dork in the back, bitching about the details. Atleast they're making her a blonde.
*yes, Bryce is "THAT" Bryce Howard - Ron Howard's daughter.

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spaceJASE said...

DAMNIT! Why do they mess with stuff like this?!?!?! DO they THINK they have to add their two cents to make it better?!?! Do they INSIST on changing stuff before they will shell out the dough to produce it? BOO!