Thursday, January 19, 2006


KOTOBUKIYA is a Japanese company that makes super sweet 13" snap-kit models. Their STAR WARS line, in particular, are cooler than cool. Check out these, for example (there are more, but these are my favorites):
**Click on the image to enlarge!!**
Like I said, they're really cool looking. Standing at about 13" tall each, you simply have to snap together the body parts (legs, torso, each arm, and head). The painting is already done and no glue is needed. Unfortunately, they run about $100 each (OUCH!!), primarily because they are imports. However, you can sometimes get lucky and find them for $65+ online.

I, myself, have the DARTH VADER and the EPII CLONE TROOPER, thanks to a Birthday and Christmas. I also picked up a JANGO (which is freaking awesome looking) at a store that was selling a LOOSE one and mistankenly priced it at $20. Sweet - I live for that shit. I know, I know...."But Jango's so lame!"...yeah, but if you look at him not as Jango Fett, and instead look at him as just a Mandalorian, then he's awesome.

The next one I'd like to get is the BOBA FETT. The MIDDLE Stormtrooper (both arms down) is a rare one; the Sergeant, and runs about $200 if you can find it. So freaking cool! But all pictured are nice. So if anyone would like to buy Jimmy one, by all means.... Thanks!!!

Click here to see some more Kotobukiya Star Wars.
Or do a google image search.


Anonymous said...

Ok, go back and look at those pictures again, and picture Derek Zoolander underneath the outfits.

Mr. Legs said...

HA HA HA!!! Brilliant!

Lisa said...

These guys are AWESOME. We're getting a Boba in next week! Where do you find these for $65?? I think my wholesale cost is that or more!

They don't sell fast, but when a fan finds out we have them they usually buy a few.